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Over the last three decades, I have been tasked with solving several complex business problems across a variety of industries including electronic and electrical components, process control instruments, control systems, instrumentation, Solar, and CCTV.

While quality & Cx remains my passion and is something I will continue to live and breathe forever, I have cherished the privilege of leading several other functions including product engineering, regulatory compliance, operations, vendor development, technical support, and customer service, to managing line of business. This experience has been key in providing me with a 360-degree view and allowed me to instill a pragmatic approach towards managing businesses through a focus on quality.

Enabled by this practical approach, my multidisciplinary experience, and my ability to solve complex problems, I’ve acquired an ability to quickly identify and implement tailored solutions that can provide measurable value to businesses. The solutions I recommend depend specifically on your business needs and typically scale with your growth as your business progresses. These solutions significantly contribute to designing robust electro-mechanical products, developing best-in-class global customer and technical support, and improving the top-line, and profitability of the business.

I have successfully developed many win-win partnerships over the years and have used the same approach here, ensuring that customers will get the best value for their investment.