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EMobily (Emobility Energy Inc) owns and operates several subsidiaries and divisions in Canada.
Our focus is Electric Vehicles and Micro-mobility. We accelerate electric vehicle adoption, from the individual to entire cities, through multiple comparable services.
We assist original equipment manufacturers (OEM) by providing distribution, sales, and repair services through our custom B2B platform. We also co-develop various hi-tech components for Micro-mobility.

Our Clients and Strategic Partners come to Emobility to expand their market reach in North America. Emobility represents several international brands. In addition, in relation to our industry, we also engage in green energy, green transportation, hi-tech, clean-tech, health-tech and international trade. All bring to Emobility the products, services and strategic partners to achieve our business initiatives and projects.

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Agile Blue Bugatti E-Scooter
Black Bugatti E-Scooter
Silver Bugatti E-Scooter
2035 Emobility Global Demo Day Taiwan Finalist for Canada
Micro Mobility EV Charging Station
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EMobily X Nexpress
Emobility Energy Inc Net Zero Challenge Canada
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E-Bike Fleet rental
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