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Soma Burnaby
Our clients can expect exceptional care from us as we are committed to creating an ongoing sense of wellness. One of the many things we offer is our expertise in Pre and Postnatal Massage and acupuncture services, catering to many women during and beyond this period of their lives. Our services extend to supporting the Burnaby community with various chronic issues, injury recovery and prevention, and relaxation. At Soma Burnaby, we truly believe in the healing power of hands-on support for health. Our clinic space is calming, inclusive, and supportive, providing an ideal environment to achieve your treatment goals.


Soma Burnaby Treatment Space
Soma Burnaby works with pregnancy to provide ease
Soma Burnaby works relieves tension and promotes relaxation
Soma Burnaby provides relaxation massage
Soma Burnaby has exceptional Therapists
Soma Burnaby listens to your needs
Soma Burnaby is a place to quiet your mind, body nad spirit