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Pakistan Western Canada Trade Association

Pakistan Western Canada Trade Association


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About Us

Our Journey
At PWCTA, our goal is to establish connections between investors and opportunities. Our platform encourages dialogue and collaboration between businesses in Pakistan and Canada, creating an environment that supports the flourishing of investments. Whether you are in search of investment opportunities or aiming to invest, PWCTA is dedicated to bridging the gap.

Our Mission
Our mission is to actively promote and facilitate economic activities, encompassing trade, investment, and tourism, between Pakistan and the Canadian Provinces/Territories of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut. We are dedicated to establishing international standards and best practices, garnering public support for international investments, and enhancing Pakistan's image as an attractive investment hub.

Our Core Values
Our core values encompass promoting entrepreneurship, international trade, and investments, coordinating with the High Commission of Canada and the Consul General of Pakistan, facilitating business discussions, and collaborating with relevant government entities to shape favorable policies.