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DON’T HIRE THAT SALES MANAGER…MFG Solutions has the expertise in bringing outsourced professional sales management to your small business, and meet your budget concerns! We are your best choice to combat the COST, TIME, SKILL dilemma that all Small Business Owners face!

MFG offers Small Business Owners who are struggling to manage the #1 area of their growing business experienced part-time Sales Management. CEO/Owners who are confined to a restricted budget and do not have the revenue to justify a full-time Sales Manager are faced with these highly restrictive choices:

• Manage the Sales Function themselves- resulting in lack of management in other important functions, and disappointing company growth.
• Hire an inexperienced manager to meet restricted costs – leading to poor results and sales team turnover.
• Find someone internally, such as a top sales person - resulting in the loss of that person’s sales quota and a decline in sales team moral.

MFG Solutions is focused on helping small businesses manage the sales function by providing outsourced expertise in process accountability and professional sales management practices in achieving predictable and repeatable sales growth.