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As Canada’s largest and most active manufacturing consortium, we host hundreds of industry events annually from coast to coast. Founded on a commitment to collaboration, cooperation, teamwork, innovative leadership, and trust, EMC stands out today as an inclusive and diverse organization supporting the growth and success of all its members and their 1,000,000+ employees. For more than a quarter-century, EMC Canada has supported manufacturers in their growth and development.

EMC has the broadest selection of knowledge with focus on the manufacturing sector. No matter which Learning Centre program you choose, your organization will receive the highest level of education from our range of informed, passionate subject matter experts. Each course has been tailored to impart the broadest selection of knowledge in the most efficient manner possible. Many courses offer detailed implementation activities, letting your team reap the benefit of this knowledge right away!

In addition, EMC has recently partnered with the province of British Columbia to deliver the BC Youth in Manufacturing Initiative: an initiative supports skills training and short-term, paid work placements for up to 500 B.C. youth aged 16-21 to develop skills and work experience for success in the workforce. British Columbia’s manufacturing employers participating in the program will receive mentorship training for one current employee and a financial subsidy of up to $3,500 for each youth work placement.