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Burnaby Chiropractic Inc.

Burnaby Chiropractic Inc.


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About Us

We take pride in providing the most professional, state-of-the-art office to care for you!

From a welcoming environment to state of the art equipment, we research and invest constantly in the most up to date, trusted, and best technologies, decor and equipment to provide you with the best possible atmosphere and service.

Our office is a representation of ourselves as practitioners, and we are always striving to be the best we can be, and deliver the best care and service we can deliver - we hope you feel comfortable and well-cared for!

We are a neurologically based, evidence-informed, and patient-centered Chiropractic office.

Our Chiropractors listen, care, and work with you to get results. Whether that be reduction or resolution of pain or symptoms, increasing function, or optimizing your quality of life - we work with you to achieve the best possible results, for you.

We enjoy working closely with a large network of medical and allied health practitioners and specialists to care for you, and we are regularly communicating and referring to other practitioners and vice a versa.

There is COMPLIMENTARY PARKING in the lot below - purchase a ticket, request and bring a receipt, and we will reimburse you when you give us the ticket in our office.


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