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ACT - Autism Community Training

ACT - Autism Community Training


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About Us

ACT’s Vision
To contribute to a world where neurodivergent individuals thrive in an equitable and inclusive society.

ACT’s Mission
ACT is committed to empowering communities through factual information and education, fostering inclusivity, and advocating for a society that embraces neurodiversity. Guided by insights from the autistic community, we provide tailored services, education, and advocacy initiatives aimed at promoting true equity and understanding. Our measurable efforts ensure continuous engagement

Information Services
ACT – Autism Community Training provides information and training relevant to the autism community internationally. Based in British Columbia, Canada, ACT develops a wide-range of positive and practical information on everything from sleep problems and diet, to core issues such as diagnosis and aspects of intervention, including information on setting up intervention programs. These resources are free and are available online without a password requirement.

ACT’s Information and Training resources are funded by the income generated by our live events, and through sponsorship and donations. The resources that we share, or develop ourselves, are evidence-based. We do not enter into commercial relationships to promote products or intervention approaches.

ACT Training
ACT provides training through live events focused on a number of areas and by providing free online videos available at the convenience of the user. ACT’s training is self-supporting through registration fees, sponsorship and donations.


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