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Trademark Your Brand: Get 7 bonuses valued at $12,998 for FREE
If It's Worth Promoting, It's Worth Protecting®!

Have you worked hard building and promoting your business?

Is your brand worth protecting?

With Trademark Factory®, you can finally trademark your brand with a predictable, guaranteed result for a predictable, guaranteed budget.

In fact, Trademark Factory® offers the easiest way to trademark your brand, risk-free, guaranteed.

When you move forward with either one of our packages, we will conduct a comprehensive trademark search to make sure your brand is trademarkable. And if it isn't, you can get all of your money back, no questions asked.

And if it is, you can get your brand trademarked for a single, all-inclusive flat fee, with a 100% money-back guarantee.

It means that you will never see another invoice from us—and if your trademark doesn't get approved by the Trademarks Office, you get a full refund.

Get the process started by filling out the form at

Make sure to indicate that you came from the "BBOT Promotion"—and you'll get the following bonuses when you move forward:

  • Unlimited Searches Until You Pick A Brand You Love ($1,500 value). Not sure which brand to pick? No problem! You have a whole year to send us an unlimited number of names to check—until you pick a trademarkable one.
  • 1 Year of Weekly Confusion Watch Service ($448 value). Every week for one year, we will search trademark office databases and alert you of any newly filed trademarks that may be confusingly similar with yours.
  • Andrei Mincov’s Autographed Best-Selling Book On Intellectual Property ($50 value). This book is full of actionable practical tools and tips and will teach you everything you need to know to use intellectual property to build, grow, and protect your successful business.
  • Copyright Assignment Agreement Template ($1,000 value). Unless you properly document the transfer of intellectual property that you pay someone to create, you don’t own that intellectual property. Without a written agreement, you don’t own the IP on your website, the web designer does. You don’t own the IP on your photographs, the photographer does. This contract makes sure you own what you pay for.
  • Content Creation Agreement Template ($2,500 value). Use this agreement when you’re about to hire someone to create content for you. It will not only ensure that you own intellectual property in the content created for you, it will make sure your contractor can’t resell that content or the trade secrets they may find out while working for you.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement Template ($3,500 value). Use this agreement before you reveal any of your trade secrets to an investor, a potential partner, a contractor, or anyone else. Unlike templates that you can find on the internet, in addition to non-diclosure, this template properly takes care of non-use, which is often even more important.
  • Trademark License Agreement Template ($4,000 value). You may want to let others use your brand in exchange for paying you royalties. This is how many businesses make millions. This contract creates the legal framework necessary for you to control the use of your brand and for you to get paid.
It's a total of $12,998 of bonuses you get for free as a fellow BBOT member.

Hurry, this offer will not be here forever.

But even more importantly, just because your brand is trademarkable today doesn't mean it will be trademarkable tomorrow.

It is never too early but often too late to protect your brand.

Trademark yours today!
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