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If It's Worth Promoting, It's Worth Protecting®!

Have you worked hard building and promoting your business?

Is your brand worth protecting?

With Trademark Factory®, you can finally trademark your brand with a predictable, guaranteed result for a predictable, guaranteed budget.

In fact, Trademark Factory® offers the easiest way to trademark your brand, risk-free, guaranteed.

When you move forward with either one of our packages, we will conduct a comprehensive trademark search to make sure your brand is trademarkable. And if it isn't, you can get all of your money back, no questions asked.

And if it is, you can get your brand trademarked for a single, all-inclusive flat fee, with a 100% money-back guarantee.

It means that you will never see another invoice from us—and if your trademark doesn't get approved by the Trademarks Office, you get a full refund.

Get the process started by booking your free call with one of our strategy advisors at Make sure to mention your promo code BBOT20OFF — and you'll get at least $500 off our regular price for all our packages.

We can help you register your trademarks in Canada, United States, European Union, Australia, and about 100 other countries.

Hurry, this offer will not be here forever.

But even more importantly, just because your brand is trademarkable today doesn't mean it will be trademarkable tomorrow.

It is never too early but often too late to protect your brand.

Trademark yours today!
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