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Complimentary Financial Needs Analysis! Find out how to achieve financial independence faster!
If you want to succeed in a financial way, get your advice from the MBA (Carl de Jong, MBA)
Are you maximizing your personal finances? Let’s have a brief meeting with you and your spouse to:
  1. Do a complimentary Financial Game Plan (Financial Needs Analysis) to understand what needs to be done to achieve financial independence as early as possible
  2. Maximize your tax rebate 
  3. Understand the basic fundamentals of finance: the Rule of 72 and compounding interest
  4. How to save money on insurance
  5. Accelerate debt reduction
  6. Get Legal Protection
  7. Learn about Estate Planning
  8. Find out what Investment programs are best for you
  9. Find out the Tax Benefits of having a home-based business 
Take a look at the 10 steps on how to Turnaround Your Finances (business or personal)
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