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Overcome procrastination and Get Shit DONE!

Do you find it hard to sit down and get started on important projects?

Do you get distracted while you're working and can't seem to get back on track?

Do you feel like you are always running out of time to get your tasks done?

Start the fall off with powerful tools under your belt to boost your productivity.

Get Shit Done is a comprehensive online or in-person program that enables you to get a handle on focus, self-discipline, motivation and procrastination. 

Baila Lazarus is an experienced Certified Co-active Life Coach who has succeeded in improving clients' productivity habits for more than eight years. With a background of 20+ years as an award-winning journalist, she knows a thing or two about hitting deadlines. But she also learned the hard way the devastating regret that can come from missing an important opportunity due to being behind in her work. And she doesn't want other people to suffer the same fate.

Baila's unique intuitive approach includes self-reflective questions, interactive exercises, productivity tools, a pile of great advice and loads of fun.

If you're tired of ending the day feeling frustrated that you didn't get enough done, if you're worried about missing financial or social opportunities because you're not on top of your to-do list, and if guilt, fear or regret are weighing you down, this program is for you.

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