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20% Off Office Green Walls
Bring some of the outdoors, inside, and green up your office space with a custom designed green wall.

Greenscape Design & Décor is offering a special discount for members on any green wall for your office space.

What’s a Green Wall?

It is a wall, partially or completely covered with greenery of one or multiple varietals. It is also known as a vertical garden.

Green Walls are most known to be living walls, at Greenscape we specialize in artificial permanent botanicals, allowing you to have a green space and add some life to your office or commercial and retail spaces without the maintenance. Using artificial greenery will allow you to install greenery indoors in a wide range of locations that may not lend themselves to natural plant growth or maintenance.

Green Walls are durable, low maintenance once installed, and versatile. There are a variety of sizes and types of greenery (and floral) we can incorporate. They can be mounted in a frame, or made freestanding; can be one sided, or double sided; all one green varietal or multiple; the options are endless!

The fine print:

  • The discount applies to the green wall only, any delivery, install labour or design fees will be charged at regular price.
  • It typically takes 1-2 weeks from ordering to receive your completed green wall.
  • Per square foot prices are available, but all green walls will be built custom to your specifications, contact us at 604-437-1729 to get a quote today

Green your space today! Call us for a consultation!

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