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Home Care Solutions to Improve Quality of Life Living at Home

Contact our office to book a free 1 hour assessment of your home care needs and receive $200 off the first $1000 of services you book with us. Please state you are a member of the Burnaby Board of Trade.

Clients and their families many times feel stress and confused about making the right choices about their care needs which will allow them to live comfortably at home. While juggling between work and family responsibilities, many adult children, spouses or other loved ones may feel guilty and confused about what to do to enable their family member to live at home and how to leverage public health services to support them. Axiom Care Solutions are experts at working with clients and family members to assess their current needs and wants and to collaborate with public health care providers in a constructive way to ensure that individuals can live or recover comfortably at home. Where the public system does not provide certain services, Axiom Care Solutions helps identify options and coordinates services to enable clients to optimize their quality of life at home. We also work with service providers outside the health care system as a one stop service to ensure all your legal, financial, and even home renovations if required are addressed. As a private service provider, we provide our clients a VIP customized and personalized experience.

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